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Every individual who’s associated with wakeboarding and wakeboarding domain is aware about the brand Liquid Force. Specifically for those who are not in the loop, Liquid Force is company which is renowned for its robust wakeboards. It’s a fact and no one can deny it, not even its rivals. Solely on the basis of its unsurpassed wakeboards, Liquid Force has established its reputation in this domain. In the beginning, the Liquid Force wakeboards were rejected by the professionals and customers because they found the designs of the same whacky and not viable. Even the connoisseurs are compelled to concede that the Liquid Force wakeboards are not only great but are an incredible work of art.

Even though the wakeboards from Liquid Force were deemed as whacky by rival companies each and every design of Liquid Force wakeboards has widened the boundaries of wakeboarding. Without the strong team of developers, Liquid Force is zilch. Liquid Force’s in-house team also comprise some excellent ex-wakeboard riders. Legendary wakeboard riders like Jimmy Redmon and Tony Finn are also associated with Liquid Force. This year, the company has released several models for both men and women. Amongst all those models, customers and connoisseurs appreciated the 2009 Shane model which is particularly meant for men.

You won’t face any sort of trouble with this model even if you surf for the whole day like crazy. This unparalleled wakeboard is engineered with high end sphere parts like super plates and power wedges. A professional wakeboard rider will surely not going to face any sort of trouble while implementing tricks and techniques. Taking off will be easier with this model because it’s light in weight as compared to the products of the similar genus. People usually misunderstand and retain a fallacy that the light weight wakeboards aren’t robust enough to tackle heavy usage. But this is merely a misconception and nothing else. In this model, the creators utilised triple concave hull so that there is no discomfort while surfing.

The DISC is also included in this wakeboard which undertakes the responsibility that a rider must not lose speed upon re-impact. The fins are placed and secured at the edge of the centre tip concave. The fins are placed in between to ensure that the riders must get pleasure from maximum thrust. Predominantly, this form of wakeboard is utilized by the professional wakeboard riders.

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