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Girls Wakeboarding

Unfortunately, 90% of wakeboarders are males who are actively indulged in this. Theoretically, wakeboarding is a form of water sport which is all about riding a wakeboard on the water surface predominantly with the assistance of a cable system. Wakeboarding as a sport primarily evolved from water skiing and other sports of the same genus. Till now, only men were inquisitive about wakeboarding but now the era has transformed. Girls firmly believe that they are proficient enough to perform better in wakeboarding than males. Now days, girls are performing phenomenally well in this domain and giving a tough time to the males.
But girl’s wakeboarding has not been recognized by the connoisseurs as yet. Fans definitely deem that one day girl’s wakeboarding will receive the gratitude which they unquestionably deserve. Here are few tricks and techniques with the support of which girl’s wakeboarding can get better and more captivating.

TANTRUM TO BLIND: This pulsating trick can shatter the spectators as in this; the rider goes diagonally to hit a small wave while facing forward. The moment he/she strikes the wave, they flip up and does a twisting flip in the air and then land.

FRONT FLIP: In this stunt, the rider hits a wave and goes in the air and performs a cart wheeling form of a flip. Undoubtedly, it’s the most enchanting trick ever invented.

THE ELEPHANT TRICK: The elephant trick is more of an invert trick where the rider flips up in the air in a traditional manner and performs a side flip being in the air then comes back with a hard landing.

Apart from the above elaborated techniques, there are some more breathtaking techniques which can shoot up the level of girls wakeboarding, if performed appropriately by them. But undoubtedly, the above stated tricks are the hardest tricks one can ever witness.

To excel in an enthralling sport like wakeboarding you need comprise that unsurpassed skill, vigour and that spine to take the risk.

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