How to wakeboard

How to build a Wakeboard Kicker

Many of us love wakeboarding and are actually interested in learning how to build a wakeboard kicker. It is a sort or tough job, no doubt, but once you get the hang of it, it can be great fun. In addition, it is very satisfying to find that after understanding how to build a wakeboard kicker, your wakeboard, is better than that of others, who have spent oodles of money on them as well!

If you want to make a wakeboard kicker, you must take a trip to your neighborhood hardware store and buy the stuff that you will need. Before you start learning how to

make a wakeboard kicker, you first have to make up your mind regarding the size of the kicker that you want.

After you have bought the stuff, you should first build a square or a rectangular table.

Next, you should hammer coated 16-penny nails, so that the corners are secure. You should avoid screws because they tend to break when they are twisted or jostled.

The next step is that you lay the floor, nail it at the corners and inside the border of the table.

Next, lay the plywood on both the sides of the platform You may use 6-penny nails here instead of the 16-penny nails to save you lots of hard work. You should always use coated penny nails so that they do not stick out when they become wet.

Now you must line it with Styrofoam. You must have bought it keeping in mind how big your kicker is and how much of it you want coming out of the water.

Remember to put the Styrofoam, in between the waterproof caulk, slats and the edges very heavily. Do not be thrifty here. It helps you to keep out the water from your kicker and from the wood being damaged.

The next step is to build a ramp for your kicker. Decide how steep incline you want and proceed accordingly with some treated wood You may even use liquid nails but let me warn you they are very sticky so do not let any of it on you body.

Next use stainless steel hinges to connect the two.

You should now place the ramp that you have built on the outside of the table that you built and nail it with all your might. Next, you insert the kickers, and nail it again.

Do paint all the wood before you start nailing it. This makes the wood durable. After the kicker is ready, use multiple layers of latex paint. The main point to remember while learning how to make a wakeboard kicker, is that the entire exercise should be secure.

Congrats! You have now learned how to build a wakeboard kicker! So you see, understanding how to make your wakeboard kicker is a bit tough but it is great fun nevertheless. © All Rights Reserved