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How to build a wakeboard pylon

My family had always loved wakeboarding, and after finding out how to build a wakeboard pylon for our wakeboards, it turned into our favorite weekend activity. Knowing how to make a wakeboard pylon, made it much more fun by allowing easier starts, and better jumps.

Initially, when I had just heard of wakeboard pylon, I got the impression that this was just another sales hype. However, after a wakeboarding trip with a friend, who had a pylon attached to the board, I realized that I would do any thing to know how to build a wakeboard pylonn myself.

Among the various kinds of wakeboard pylons, you may use the stiff and smart looking, two-piece, stainless steel units. They are easy to discard when not in use.

Before you know how to make a wakeboard pylon, you must first get your design goals straight. You must aim to learn how to make a wakeboard pylon that can be quickly installed, and removed, taking care that when you do now use it no hardware is visible.

While learning how to make a wakeboard pylon, retain space to mount the pylon in front of the engine, above the fins.
For air, place the pull point 7 feet above, mounting it rigidly for the large wake-boarders.

Before you start learning how to make a wakeboard pylon, you must also make up your mind to place it between the middle seat and the engine hatch. Ensure that it has a rigid bottom mounting point.

To see how to make a wakeboard pylon, you build your deck frame including in it a big box beam. On the right hand side, the deck frame should be the lowest piece. As you look down the opening, you should be able to understand how to make a wakeboard pylon by checking out the thickness of your reinforced deck.

Next, you coat the box with epoxy, or seal it off. The pylon fits into 80 PVC pipes. You can make the tube from old cloth, two layers thick. Plant it at right, wrapping it in wax and ordinary paper. Attach it at the deck opening, so that it acts as a watertight seal for the inner part of the 5x6 inches long box beam.

Now cut the opening for the pylon with the hole saw while looking through the opening with the beam bottom.

You should build the pylon bracket in three sections. Mount the left and right portions onto the stringers carefully bolting the stringers using the same bolts, which join the stringer and the frame.

Next add a block to the uprights supporting the crosspiece.
The bracket should be 6” wide, made from 4/4 ash stock. Then you stick them together, making two holes on the top for mounting crosspiece bolts.
You can make the crosspiece from more ash and drill it.

Finish it with a stainless steel plate, and you know now how to build a wakeboard pylon, which is ready for you to use! © All Rights Reserved