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How to build your own wakeboard slider

Are you one of those sliding lovers who spend half of their time wondering how to build your own wakeboard slider? Have you always dreamt of owning a self-made wakeboard slider? Well, then here is some good news! In only a little bit of spare time, you will find yourself becoming an expert, knowing how to build your own wakeboard slider!

To know how to make your own slider, you must first decide the size of the slider that you would wish to build. If you are just a beginner, and do not know how to build your own slider, then it would be wise to

start with one that is not too large. For instance, if you wish to, then start with a slider that is four feet long.

To build your own slider, you must start with collecting the following materials:

Plastic drums
PVC cleaner
PVC internal unions
Toggle bolts

Now, let me guide you on how to make the slider.
You first build a basic frame (of 2X4s material) holding the drums. Its length and breadth should be 12 and 6 feet respectively.

Next you box the drums from all four corners, such that the barrel does not fit all through the way, while using quests for strength.

Now add supports for the four feet long beam. After this, attach angle braces to it, to prevent those dangerous right-left movements, and to support the plywood (which you will add later). Then you add more supports, inside the main slider, to prevent back and forth movements.

Now, mount it to the PVC, and join the two lengths. You may also use scabs (of softwood).

You now attach the PVC, using standard toggles bolt. It is preferable to use them at a distance of about four feet, such that the nuts face the direction in which the tubing would be running lengthwise.
With that done, you can now add the rear slider. You should hang this off your framework’s backend.

Next, you should evenly put the front section of the slider to the rear, without leaving gaps. You could use the usual internal PVC. Now, add the arc to the front end, so the tubing goes underwater.

With your slider almost completed, you must apply braces, throughout the arc.

Now your slider is ready, and all that you need do to complete your knowledge of building a slider, is to paint it.

There’s nothing to understanding how to build your own wakeboard slider. In fact it’s quite easy! All that you need to take care of is accuracy in measurements, and all the parts must properly fit. It only requires patience and proper understanding of the steps involved in building your own slider. And that’s it! So make sure you show off your self-made slider on your next sliding trip! © All Rights Reserved