How to wakeboard

Learn how to wakeboard

1. The very first step to take up a ride on the surface of water or wakeboarding is to watch the sport on television, a video or at the event like the X Games.

2. Learn the minute techniques involved in this sport by going along with your friends who wakeboard. Watch your friend ride and let someone explain the basics to you while you watch. Try a ride yourself. Don't worry getting wet. Learn from mistakes.

3. Drag your knees to your chest and point the nose of the board up and towards the boat as it begins driving. The resistance of the board against the water will pull you

quickly to your feet. Ride straight for sometime to get the feel of the board beneath you. Perform some small turns to get a feel for your edges against the water.

4. Perform some small turns to gat a feel for your edges against the water. Ride over and outside the wake, and then repeat faster and faster.

5. Lean back, jumps the wake and practice spinning and swirling in the air.

6. Just bend your knees and twist your body in the air to get the feel of the tricks. Then try holding the board to stretch out your airtime.

7. Then just do the combination of the above tricks: Bunny jump as you hit the wake, then spin, pick off and land riding backwards or roll in the air. © All Rights Reserved