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How to Wakeboard for Beginners

Searching for tips on how to wakeboard for beginners can be tricky because a lot of tips and articles written on wakeboarding are not intended for first-time wakeboarders.  It is undeniable that wakeboarding is one of the hottest sports these days, and so many outdoor sports fanatics are eager to try it out. Getting started in any sports requires you to know its fundamentals, including the equipment needed and how each is properly used.

Learn the basics
Before plunging into the water with your wakeboard, first, know the right wakeboard for you. It is not always true that the latest and the most expensive professional board is the best to start with. Learning how to

wakeboard for beginners requires some research on which board is suitable to your body type and which between twin tip or double ended boards is right for you. Allow yourself to learn from a larger wakeboard with one or more huge rear fins to provide direction to your board. Moving your board in different directions with ease is crucial for beginners. For a small body frame, an ideal board length is between 125 to 135 centimeters, while medium built frame can choose between 135 to 140 centimeters. And for large body frame, a board that measures between 140 to 145 centimeters is perfect.
As a starter, you need to learn with a short rope, which is about 15 meters. This allows you to get closer to the boat. You should never forget to wear your vest not only for safety reason but it also helps you reserve your energy. Just before you take your first try, inform the boat driver not to go faster than 35 to 40 kph because the board has high resistance during the start so better go slowly.

The Proper Stance
Learning how and where you should stand on the board is the next important aspect that you should keep in mind. If you do snowboarding or you skateboard, you won’t have any problem with your stance. If you have not tried any of these sports, you can determine your lead foot by knowing which foot you always move forward. If you want to be certain, while you’re still on land, stand up straight and ask somebody to push you from your back. So, whichever foot moves forward first, then that is your lead foot.

Correct Placement of bindings
You must put your bindings in the right angle. You do this by allowing your rear foot to stand straight across your wakeboard – this makes a 0 degree, or you may move it a little forward and make a 9 degree angle. Your lead foot must be positioned between 9 to 27 degrees. Just before you start, always check if your bindings and fins are properly fastened.

Begin on Deep Water
Go to the water floating on your back using your safety vest. Make sure that the wakeboard is vertically upright with the rope and your arms must be placed on the side of your knee. When you are in the right position, you can tell the boat driver to start and slowly pull you. When you feel that the water is providing your board with the right support, slowly stand up until your knees are fairly bent and put your body weight on your lead foot.
Do not rush on learning various tricks and stance. First, you need to develop your overall body coordination and learn to move in a continuous motion. You must always start at the right angle while floating on the water and then allow the rope to pull you up and finally stand up putting your weight on your lead foot.  Learning how to wakeboard for beginners is not that all easy because every move requires precision and utmost safety.

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