How to wakeboard

Lean how to ride a wakeboard

Learning how to get up on a wakeboard, let alone ride a wakeboard may seem like a daunting task to some new riders. If you are a new rider, you will most likely want to know the basics of riding a wakeboard (the right way) before you get out on the lake. Before riding a wakeboard, you will need to determine which foot you will lead with.

Your Lead Foot
Since your position while on your wakeboard will determine the success of your ride, it is of great importance to find out which foot is going to be your lead

foot. This may be a simple task for some to decide, but if you are uncertain as to which foot is your lead foot, you could do a simple test to find out.

Test Your Lead Foot
Stand still on either a level or inclined platform. Your living room flooris an acceptable place to do this test. While standing still, close your eyes and slowly make yourself fall forward. Instinctively, you will catch yourself before falling. Which foot catches your fall, will most likely be your lead foot. You may test this several other ways too, if you’re the type to want to test every avenue to make sure. One of the foremost ways to find out which foot is to have someone lightly push you, and here too, the foot that stops your fall will be your lead foot. Now that you’ve determined the lead foot, it’s time to move on to getting up on the wakeboard, staying on it, and riding it.

Getting up on a wakeboard
After you have secured your feet into the wakeboard bindings, here comes the next big feat – Getting up on the wakeboard. How do you get up on a wakeboard successfully without falling off? One good way is to allow the water to help you do this. How?

Take advantage of the issue of weightlessness in the water. Lying back in the water with your wakeboard in front of you is a good way to start. A way to best describe this position is a squatting position. Position your knees, arms, and hands like you were riding squatted.

Stay in this position until the boat takes off Once the boat takes off, do not stand up too soon. Keep your toes in a pointed position, and wait for your body to be naturally pulled atop of the wakeboard. If you stand up too soon, you run a great risk of losing your balance. To ensure your balance, remain in the pre-ride squatted stance.

Timing is everything, Once you feel your balance, begin putting more weight on your back foot (not your lead foot). Doing this will help you point your wakeboard towards the boat. Once your wakeboard is directionally inline with the boat, slowly begin to pull yourself up onto your wake board. Watch other riders to see how they are positioned when up on the wakeboard. Generally, your shoulders should be squared with the boat, your knees should be bent in order to absorb the bumps on the water, and you should hold the handle low near the hip of your lead leg.

Above all things, learning how to ride a wakeboard is fun. Sure you might drink a few gallons of lake water before you become the next Darren Shapiro, but persistence in getting up on your wakeboard is the key to staying on. So what if you fall down on the first few times, just get back on your board and do the steps all over again. Soon enough, you’ll get the hang of getting on your wakeboard…and staying on! © All Rights Reserved