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Wakeboard Towers

Generally, people take wakeboarding as a fun activity not as a sport. But there are professionals who devote their time, vigour and brain to this adventurous sport. When these professional wakeboard riders perform the spectators stay glued to the incredible action. All the stunts and flip techniques which these wakeboard riders execute aren’t possible without a wakeboard. Similarly, in the absence of some rudiments a wakeboard boat is nothing. One of the most vital characteristic of a wakeboard boat is the wakeboard tower. If we elaborate upon its functioning then we understand that a wakeboard tower enables a rider to be in the air

In case you are working towards building your own wakeboarding tower then make sure that you retain the required knowledge. Unquestionably, you can take the assistance of a professional in constructing the same but there’s no rocket science involved in it. When you begin the process of building a Wakeboard Tower do keep in mind that you have to begin from the scratch. Before you being with the construction of a wakeboard tower, you need to procure a design.

Whether you design it yourself or get the same from a relevant website, ensure that your wakeboard tower is of perfect size and shape otherwise you won’t be able to incorporate it on the boat. So measure the size of the boat before beginning the construction of the tower. The equipments and the material that you require during the construction include a 6463 or 6063 aluminium pipe, a wielding machine, an airbrush, a router, a hydraulic roller machine. Please take the note of that, the aluminium pipe must be segmented according to the angles otherwise it’ll ruin everything. Read on…

Begin by taking a 2” square pipe and round it at the corners using a router. After cutting the tube in specified angels just roll them with the help of a hydraulic roller machine. Before you weld ensure that the joints remain flexible when you cut the pipes and they are assembled specifically. The moment you are through with the construction, execute a pull down test to check the strength of the wakeboard tower. Most importantly, make sure that it doesn’t suffer from any scratches or dents.

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