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Wakeboarding Legends

In this wakeboarding world, there are few names that are unforgettable and respectable. Here we are talking about those invincible wakeboarding legends that made their mark in this sphere. Certainly, wakeboarding magnetizes every adventure seeker but very few endeavour towards making it a profession. Amongst all those professional wakeboard riders, we have selected few names who are role models for aspiring professional wakeboard riders.


Scott Byerly is one of the brightest stars shining in the sky of wakeboarding.

Being an American, he represented United States of America in all the global wakeboarding championships and competitions. Scott Byerly did consistently well in this wakeboarding industry in a never thought possible manner. He has always been at the forefront and has always performed astonishingly making the Americans feel immensely proud. His vision and unsurpassed style assisted the sport to earn recognition at the global level. Scott shattered the wakeboarding arena when he widened his boundaries and started a venture called Byerly Boards. His venture gave him an opportunity to expand and concentrate upon experimenting with the designs, board graphics and accessories.


Here we are introducing the four time World Champion wakeboarder, Shaun Murray. You must have played “Wakeboarding Unleashed” from Activision; if not let us unveil the legend of Shaun Murray as the prime character featured in that title. This wakeboarding legend was born in California and got enthralled by this sport when he was 8 years old. He started off with his career as a professional wakeboarder in 1995. He executed his unique and innovative style of wakeboarding and consequently won all the prestigious titles associated with wakeboarding. Shaun Murray’s “Backyard Tour” was endorsed by himself along with his friend and pro-rider Gerry Nun. One can watch his “Backyard Tour” in several wakeboarding magazines, movies and television products. Currently, Shaun in collaboration with his friend Travis Moye runs a wakeboard camp.


Winner of the Pro Wakeboard Tour title and several World Championships, Erik Ruck is a talented and a competent wakeboarder. He made his mark in this domain when he won the dream title of every wakeboarder “the Pro Wakeboard Tour title” in 2002. He had firmly proved himself as a confident, versatile and an adept wakeboarder in a very short span. His name surely comes in the list of wakeboarding legends and he’s an inspiration for the professional wakeboard riders all over the world.

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