How to wakeboard

Wakeboarding tricks

Air (1 wake) Beginner
Bunny Hop Beginner
Cross both wakes Beginner
Cross one wake Beginner
Crouch down and touch water Beginner
Ride w/ one hand on handle (5 seconds) Beginner
Sideslide Beginner
Stand on board (5 seconds) Beginner
Surf the wake Beginner
Surface 180 Beginner
Surface 360 Beginner
Wave to boat judge Beginner
360 Heli (1 wake) Intermediate
360 Heli Wrap (2 wakes) Intermediate
Air 180 (1 wake) Intermediate
Air 180 (2 wakes) Intermediate
Backscratcher Intermediate
Backside 360 Heli Hand Pass (2 wakes) Intermediate
Backside Air (2 wakes) Intermediate
Backside Air w/ grab (2 wakes) Intermediate
Bunny Hop 180 Intermediate
Bunny Hop Heli Intermediate
Fashion Air Intermediate
Frontside 360 Heli Hand Pass (2 wakes) Intermediate
Frontside Air (2 wakes) Intermediate
Frontside Air w/ grab (2 wakes) Intermediate
Grab 180 Intermediate
Half Cab (1 wake) Intermediate
Half Cab (2 wakes) Intermediate
Layback Intermediate
Lipslide Intermediate
Method Intermediate
Nosebone Intermediate
Nosebone w/ tail grab Intermediate
Nuclear Intermediate
Off the wake 180 Intermediate
Off the wake 360 Intermediate
Ole Intermediate
Palmer Intermediate
Reverse Sideslide (touch water) Intermediate
Roast Beef Intermediate
Stiffy Intermediate
Switchstance 360 Heli (2 wakes) Intermediate
Tailbone Intermediate
Twist Intermediate
Air Front Flip Advanced
Backside 720 (2 wakes) Advanced
Backside Air Half Cab Roll Advanced
Backside Air Raley Advanced
Backside Back Roll Advanced
Backside Front Flip Advanced
Backside Front Roll Advanced
Backside Roll-to-Revert Advanced
Blender Advanced
Blind Judge Advanced
Canadian Bacon Advanced
Crail Advanced
Double Bind 180 Advanced
Double Bind Half Cab Advanced
Fontside Back Roll Advanced
Front Flip-to-Fakie Advanced
Frontside 720 (2 wakes) Advanced
Frontside Air Half Cab Roll Advanced
Frontside Air Raley Advanced
Frontside Front Flip Advanced
Frontside Front Roll Advanced
Frontside Half Cab Roll Advanced
Frontside Roll-to-Revert Advanced
FS/BS 540 Hand pass (2 wakes) Advanced
FS/BS 540 wrap or hand pass (1 wake) Advanced
FS/BS 540 wrap or hand pass (2 wakes) Advanced
Half Cab Front Flip Advanced
Indy Bone Advanced
Indy Stiffy Advanced
Melancholy Advanced
Rocket Air Advanced
Shifty 360 Advanced
Shifty 540 Advanced
Slob Heli Advanced
Tantrum Advanced
Tantrum-to-fakie Advanced
Tootsie Roll Advanced
Tumble Turn Advanced
Air Krypt Expert
Air Mobe 5 Expert
Air Mobius Expert
Air Switchstance Mobius Expert
Backside 900 (2 wakes) Expert
Backside Air Roll Expert
Backside Air Roll-to-Revert Expert
Backside Half Cab Roll Expert
Backside Krypt Expert
Backside Mobius Expert
Bel Air Expert
Eggroll Expert
Fat Chance Expert
Front Flip Mobius Expert
Frontside 900 (2 wakes) Expert
Frontside Air Roll Expert
Frontside Air Roll-to-Revert Expert
Frontside TweetyBird Expert
Hasseloff Expert
Hoochie Glide Expert
Hoochie Glide-to-Fakie Expert
Mobe 5 Expert
Pete Rose Expert
S-bend Expert
Scarecrow Expert
Scarecrow Mobius Expert
Skeezer Expert
Slurpy Expert
Switch Roll Blind 180 Expert
Switchstance Backside Air Roll Expert
Switchstance Backside Roll Expert
Switchstance Front Flip Expert
Switchstance Frontside Air Roll Expert
Switchstance Frontside Roll Expert
Switchstance Krypt Expert
Switchstance Mobius Expert
Switchstance Raley Expert
Switchstance Tantrum Expert
TweetyBird Expert
Vulcan Expert
WhirlyBird Expert
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